About Us


Positive Vibes and Confidence

We're experts at what we do. But knowing the best techniques and customizing your treatments are only part of the package, we're also here to make you feel amazing and boost your confidence. . Whether you're here for a tan, teeth whitening, lashes or any combination our goal is for you to leave feeling and looking great. 


My Story

My story starts with these 4 beautiful people. I was stuck in a job that required long hours outside the home and left me little to no time to spend with them.  So, I decided to start this little beauty business in 2018.  This allows me the flexibility to create a work life balance that I never had before and one I can't imagine life without any longer. 


Feeling Good = Looking Good

 Lavishly YYC recognizes the importance of using high quality products .

  • We guarantee the organic and natural tanning products we use, will help you prepare and take care of your skin and increase the longevity of your tan. 
  • Our lashing services use only the  highest quality products to provide consistent, reliable results every time. 
  • Our teeth whitening system is Canadian-made, all natural and produces little to no sensitivity. SunnaSmile whitening eliminates stains and customers see a lift of 2-8 shades in one single session.  

Best of all, if you fall in love with our products, everything is available for purchase!